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Arthur Howell

Arthur Howell writes............
When I investigated Solar Storage I soon found that the standard approach was with very large gas or vacuum glass solar tubes, with large water tanks and costs from 3,500 upwards to 11,000 or more.
Furthermore, the costs did not always relate to the technology or installation and were profit driven. If you investigate complaints of the Solar companies on the various forums you will find many people feel they are
being taken advantage of.

I decided to invent my own Array and System for myself. It evolved
and worked and in essence it is designed to pre-heat the water
entering the combi boiler which, when it detects warm water entering, will close down the gas to accommodate. It can also be fitted to conventional boiler
systems via the hot water storage tank.

It comprises a Solar Array made of special finned copper tubing , a
Mini Storage tank with pump and Electronic Control Unit to circulate
the water when the array gets hotter than the tank.

Sounds simple but it took many technical challenges to overcome the
various inherent problems - air in the system, expansion of water
(pressure) , detection of temperatures, cycle times , array location
and fixing, design of the array and manufacture, pump and finally Mini
tank spec and configuration of water flows but it has been a great
challenge and a satisfying Eco project.

Solar Array
Installed system in case

The system is helping the environment by reducing gas consumption,
reducing burnt gas emissions and thereby helping reduce greenhouse
gases and is saving on fuel costs.

I have been advised this will be a major contribution to the Eco-
environment and of great assistance to those trying to save fuel costs
and I am pleased to help.

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 - Arthur Howell